June 21, 2019

Yes, that’s a word.

‘Scentscaping’ is the art of selecting and/or designing scents specifically for certain spaces and or events. Only a few years back this tended to be something kept for high-end and big budget weddings or events, but these days that is not the case and scent is something very accessible and is a lovely addition to a wedding day or any event.

Previously it would have just been about wearing a particular perfume or cologne but these day's it's bigger than that and it's about incorporating a scent to fill a room through the use of scented candles, and has the ability to encapsulate memories of the day to come through the power of such a scent. 

Now, to help explain how to go about Scentscaping I’ll tell you about how I came to decide on the scented candles that I made for my own wedding day...

Back in 2014 I was planning my wedding, and due to the fact that I’d recently started making scented candles myself, I knew I wanted to have scent involved in our day. The first place I started to think about was where that might be. We had chosen our venue of Ramster Hall which we fell in love with as soon as we saw it. The whole place had lovely high ceilings and a warm feeling to it. There was one room where we had our reception drinks, and then a separate hall where our guests would all be seated for our wedding breakfast. Initially I wanted the scent to be the first thing our guests smelled when they walked into the venue but then the further along I got with what that scent would be, I decided to go with placing our wedding candles on the tables in the main hall, to burn while we had our food and into the evening celebrations.

When it came to scent, I was already in love with the scent of Rosemary & so that was the first thought that popped into my head (and luckily my husband Jon agreed!) Our wedding held a subtle Christmas theme so naturally those festive scents of Cinnamon & Fir Needle were what initially sprung to mind, but we really wanted something a little less explicitly Christmas but with a warmth and freshness and so Rosemary ticked the box for that. I played around with a few blends with Rosemary at the forefront and ended up adding a little additional lift of Eucalyptus to it, to create what we called ‘Rosemary Romance’.

I really liked the way that although it was a scent I already knew well, in creating our own unique blend for our wedding candles, we were creating a brand new memory which it would trigger for years to come. This is something to think about if you’re choosing a scent for your big day. As tempting as it can be to choose a scent you already know and love, I strongly recommend creating a unique blend for you to ensure that when you smell that scent for years to come, it’s not diluted by other memories and takes you right back to that one wonderful day.

Like the sound of this and would like to discuss adding scent to your wedding or event? Please do drop me an email to laura@bylauralondon.com or have a look here for more information.

 Photo credit: Laura Martha Photography 

March 13, 2018

In late 2016, Emma approached me about making some candles for her wedding day and I was thrilled  o hear about her plans and vision for their wedding day. Emma and her fiancé Coomy had got engaged in Miami and after loving the place they decided to use the styles and influences of Miami for their day including everything from the colours they used to their stationery and their gorgeous cake. And when Emma mentioned how she felt about scent and giving candles as her wedding favours it all seemed to make sense and was a really interesting brief for me. 

Now, by absolute coincidence I was actually off to Miami on holiday a month after we first spoke (I wish I could say I include this level of immersion into a brief for a scent for every client, but it was just very, very good luck!) So I spent the whole holiday paying extra attention to the scents and smells around me & saw where Emma was coming from when she spoke about wanting sweet and fruity holiday scents which she associates with the fun times had there. 

I made a range of sample scented candles for Emma & Coomy to try out, and we got to 3 favourites which were Coconut & Mango, Pineapple Coconut & a blend of Tropical fruits. All 3 had the sweet vanilla-inspired base that Emma liked and rather than choose one, Emma really liked the idea of giving her guests different ones so that they could all have a smell of them and choose their favourite to take home. And she picked their favourite, Pineapple & Coconut to have burning on the day. 

For the Pineapple & Coconut candles burning on the day Emma had some small pie dishes (if you’ve ever had a Bingham Pie then you’ll know the ones I’m talking about!) which she asked me if she could use as the containers. They worked perfectly and it was a great use of the dishes that were otherwise filling up her kitchen cupboards and looked really nice with the candles set in them on the tables. We had a couple on each table and a few extras around the room to ensure that the scent threw nicely in the room. 

Each of their guests then had one of the three scents as their place settings. I designed them a bespoke ‘Emma & Coomy’ label which sat on the lids and tied in with their theme & stationery. And to make them double up as place names for the tables, I also did handwritten labels for each guest which tied around the lids. On the day, my lovely friend Sam who was at the wedding sent me these photos saying how much everyone liked them and they were quite a talking point when everyone sat down. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Emma to get the scent and candles just right for her day and in her own words, she seemed to enjoy it too…

“I just wanted to say a huuuge thank you to you for making the candle scent and favours for our wedding. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and the effort you put into getting my brief perfected... 

It was so lovely for the guests to walk into the wedding breakfast room with it being filled full of our 'Miami scents' and it took us right back to the holiday where we met. 

Lastly the labels looked absolutely stunning on the tables so thanks for working with me on that and designing them.”

Photography from https://www.instagram.com/rachel_manns/

Cake by https://www.instagram.com/obeselise/

July 28, 2016

So, you've seen some of my candles and like the idea of adding an element of scent into your wedding day and you want to know how that could work?

Well...one way is by working with me to create unique wedding favour candles for your guests. Please read on to hear more about how I work with brides to create wedding favours for their day.

The first thing I do is have a nice long chat (or sometimes email exchange!) with the bride-to-be (or groom, or something bridesmaid or mother of the bride) to hear about their vision for their wedding day. This includes everything from big things like the venue and the time of year to the stationery and any little finishing touches that they may have in mind. Now, I must add at this point that not every bride to be will have such a vision as others might, so don't worry if that's you. If anything, that makes my job even more exciting as there are no themes to tie into and my mind can run wild! Once I've got this information we then chat about scent. Things she (or he) may like, things they don't like or if there's a particular scent that know they want to be involved. 

I then take this information and start testing out different scents and scent combinations and eventually come to a point where I have a set of samples ready for trying out. At that point it's over to the couple to try them out, pick their favourites or suggest any bits they like or don't like to help me reach the unique scent that is perfect for them. 

Then we have a scent. So, it's onto containers. I have a collection of styles that I show to the couple or am happy to be guided by what works for their day. It might be something to tie into their day or the theme of their day or just a container that they like. 

Then we have a container. At this stage I can supply the candle as it is simply with my scent and safety sticker attached to the bottom (just to note this label is small and pretty, not like some unattractive label which could taint the look of your lovely gifts!) Some couples like to then decorate the candles themselves but otherwise I work with them to think what we could add to the candle as a finishing touch which will tie into their day. This might be a unique logo or visual cue which the couple are using in their stationery which or more simply a nice piece of ribbon to tie around the top. Each candle could hold a little tag with the guests name making the favours feel even more personalised and a present that they'll want to keep to remember the day. I particularly love this part as I start to get a real vision of their wedding day and can get my craft on! 

Then we have a finished candle. 

Like the idea of this or just have a few more questions? I'd love to discuss it further with you. 

Image credits -

1st photo of candles on ladder - Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography 

3rd photo of candles on table - Jack Terry Photography 

February 14, 2016

I'm feeling a bit romantic this Valentine's Day so I've decided that this week's post is going to tell you the short story of the candles I made for my wedding day.  


As you may have read in my post 'A little about me' I got married in December last year. We were planning a Christmas wedding and therefore candles seemed essential! 


Being a lover of herbs, I'd decided to have some rosemary in my bouquet and flower arrangements so this was a natural choice of scent for my candles. It's warming and has lovely festive tones and therefore was perfect for our December wedding. I made candle favours for the ladies and then 3 candles to go with the center pieces on each table, which I set in upcycled jars and tin cans for a bit of a rustic feel.  


The beautiful Ramster Hall in Surrey was the venue for our big day. The Long Hall where we had our wedding breakfast is an old converted barn which we managed to fill with the scent of Rosemary. Smelling it even now reminds me of our wedding day, and therefore will always be my favourite of my range. 


Our guests loved their candles and are still now (over a year on!) telling me about how much they like the scent, how they've made theirs last, or in one case (my lovely friend Clare) how she can't even bear to light it because she likes it as a memento from our wedding day!  


If you're getting married or have a friend who is, please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss doing something similar for your big day! 


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