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Candles for wedding favours? Tell me more.

So, you've seen some of my candles and like the idea of adding an element of scent into your wedding day and you want to know how that could work? way is by working with me to create unique wedding favour candles for your guests. Please read on to hear more about how I work with brides to create wedding favours for their day.

By Laura Wedding favours_scented candles

The first thing I do is have a nice long chat (or sometimes email exchange!) with the bride-to-be (or groom, or something bridesmaid or mother of the bride) to hear about their vision for their wedding day. This includes everything from big things like the venue and the time of year to the stationery and any little finishing touches that they may have in mind. Now, I must add at this point that not every bride to be will have such a vision as others might, so don't worry if that's you. If anything, that makes my job even more exciting as there are no themes to tie into and my mind can run wild! Once I've got this information we then chat about scent. Things she (or he) may like, things they don't like or if there's a particular scent that know they want to be involved.

I then take this information and start testing out different scents and scent combinations and eventually come to a point where I have a set of samples ready for trying out. At that point it's over to the couple to try them out, pick their favourites or suggest any bits they like or don't like to help me reach the unique scent that is perfect for them.

By Laura Wedding favours_scent samples

Then we have a scent. So, it's onto containers. I have a collection of styles that I show to the couple or am happy to be guided by what works for their day. It might be something to tie into their day or the theme of their day or just a container that they like.

Then we have a container. At this stage I can supply the candle as it is simply with my scent and safety sticker attached to the bottom (just to note this label is small and pretty, not like some unattractive label which could taint the look of your lovely gifts!) Some couples like to then decorate the candles themselves but otherwise I work with them to think what we could add to the candle as a finishing touch which will tie into their day. This might be a unique logo or visual cue which the couple are using in their stationery which or more simply a nice piece of ribbon to tie around the top. Each candle could hold a little tag with the guests name making the favours feel even more personalised and a present that they'll want to keep to remember the day. I particularly love this part as I start to get a real vision of their wedding day and can get my craft on!

Then we have a finished candle.

Like the idea of this or just have a few more questions? I'd love to discuss it further with you.

By Laura Wedding favours_Rosemary scented candles

Image credits -

1st photo of candles on ladder - Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography

3rd photo of candles on table - Jack Terry Photography

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