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After working as an interior designer for a high end commercial studio across private members clubs & exclusive wedding venue clients, I am now focused on residential work in Surrey & surrounding areas. 


Whether you’re looking for general inspiration & ideas for one room of your home, paint & wallpaper ideas to run throughout your home, or some new furniture ideas, then please get in touch. 


I offer in-home consultations for a set fee, starting from as little as £200. Please see these outlined below. 



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£200 for a 90 minute in-home consultation

To start off I will send you a short 5-question form to fill out. 


Then I will come to your home so that you can take me on a tour of the rooms where you’re looking for ideas, tips & support & we’ll discuss them as we go around. 


This might be layout questions, ideas for paint colours or new pieces of furniture you’re looking for. Fire the questions at me & I’ll do my best to help advise you to make your home wonderful.


I’ll then follow up with any specific colours, products or suppliers who I’d recommended in a short summary document. 


Note -  I will always try to fit in as much as we can in the 90minutes but would advise 2 or max 3 rooms if lots of items to discuss in them, or alternatively could do the whole house if we’re looking at more simple little touches or paint colours. (Size of house depending, I should add!) 

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£450 for a 90 minute in-home consultation plus design guide.

This will follow the same process as my red package but in addition I will follow up with a design guide to the areas of your home that we have identified. 

This will cover a summary of what we'd discussed during my visit, plus additional ideas & proposals to really amplify your rooms.


Spanning across paint colours, wallpapers, furniture, styling ideas & layouts - as applicable to your brief to me.

The aim is that you can then take this brief & purchase the items you'd like on your own.​

Note - this package generally covers 2 larger rooms or 3 smaller. Or colour proposals throughout your home. 

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The Bespoke One. 

You might have a range of areas you'd like me to help you with in your home & you'd like me to design, scope & delivery. 

Prices to be quoted on sight of brief.


+44 7843 444825



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