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It's all in the nose!

I really enjoy talking to my friends about candles and the subject we always end up on is the scents that they favour or have smelt and most excitingly ideas of new scent combinations.

I recently discovered the app Wunderlist and I've started using that as a place to note down all the scent ideas I think of, or people tell me about, and then I tick them off when I try them out. My scent cupboard is currently overflowing!! The beautiful smells hit me like a wave of loveliness when I open it and I could spend hours taking the lids off the little bottles and smelling different combinations.

At the moment my obsession is with basil. I love how punchy and brave it is as a scent so I'm having lots of fun combining it with different scents to see how they compliment it. In fact, I think I've cracked one I really like so I’ve be trialling some special candles at my stall at Herne Hill market and now have the gorgeous new Fig & Basil available to buy in my shop.

Creating new blends is one of the reasons why I particularly enjoy making bespoke scented candles for individuals, weddings or other events. Firstly chatting to the client about the types of scents they like, then trialling out different combinations and then making a decision on a scent that is unique for them. I feel like I say this all the time, but scent really does have magical powers in its ability to evoke memories of a certain time or place. So once a candle fills a room with its scent it can nestle itself in to people's memory in the same way that an individual's perfume does. You'll all recall how a particular perfume will remind you of a friend or even that awkward time when an after-shave reminds you of your ex boyfriend!

Right I'm off to try some new scent combinations for summer, keep an eye on my Instagram for an update this week!

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