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Scentscaping your wedding or event

Yes, that’s a word.

‘Scentscaping’ is the art of selecting and/or designing scents specifically for certain spaces and or events. Only a few years back this tended to be something kept for high-end and big budget weddings or events, but these days that is not the case and scent is something very accessible and is a lovely addition to a wedding day or any event.

Previously it would have just been about wearing a particular perfume or cologne but these day's it's bigger than that and it's about incorporating a scent to fill a room through the use of scented candles, and has the ability to encapsulate memories of the day to come through the power of such a scent.

Now, to help explain how to go about Scentscaping I’ll tell you about how I came to decide on the scented candles that I made for my own wedding day...

Back in 2014 I was planning my wedding, and due to the fact that I’d recently started making scented candles myself, I knew I wanted to have scent involved in our day. The first place I started to think about was where that might be. We had chosen our venue of Ramster Hall which we fell in love with as soon as we saw it. The whole place had lovely high ceilings and a warm feeling to it. There was one room where we had our reception drinks, and then a separate hall where our guests would all be seated for our wedding breakfast. Initially I wanted the scent to be the first thing our guests smelled when they walked into the venue but then the further along I got with what that scent would be, I decided to go with placing our wedding candles on the tables in the main hall, to burn while we had our food and into the evening celebrations.

When it came to scent, I was already in love with the scent of Rosemary & so that was the first thought that popped into my head (and luckily my husband Jon agreed!) Our wedding held a subtle Christmas theme so naturally those festive scents of Cinnamon & Fir Needle were what initially sprung to mind, but we really wanted something a little less explicitly Christmas but with a warmth and freshness and so Rosemary ticked the box for that. I played around with a few blends with Rosemary at the forefront and ended up adding a little additional lift of Eucalyptus to it, to create what we called ‘Rosemary Romance’.

I really liked the way that although it was a scent I already knew well, in creating our own unique blend for our wedding candles, we were creating a brand new memory which it would trigger for years to come. This is something to think about if you’re choosing a scent for your big day. As tempting as it can be to choose a scent you already know and love, I strongly recommend creating a unique blend for you to ensure that when you smell that scent for years to come, it’s not diluted by other memories and takes you right back to that one wonderful day.

Like the sound of this and would like to discuss adding scent to your wedding or event? Please do drop me an email to or have a look here for more information.

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