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By Laura & Perfectly Planned 4 you

A couple of months back I met Cherelle from Perfectly Planned 4 you at the London Wedding Breakfast Club. We got talking and Cherelle said she was looking for a new and unique idea of something to gift her clients with, and thought candles would be a great idea. So that's what we did...

Now to give you a little more information about the fabulous Perfectly Planned 4 you, and tell you more about how we created her candles, I asked Cherelle to answer some questions...

Tell us all about your company...

At Perfectly Planned 4 you, we create exceptional events for the style-conscious person who wants something bespoke and beautiful. We innovate and explore concepts outside of convention, dependent on our client’s desire. With elegance and culture our exceptional organisational skills and knowledge of planning, make dreams a reality with a bespoke and personal experience.

What do you love about what you do?

I am a natural planner, since I can remember I have planned parties and events for my family and friends. I like to see the relieved faces of my clients when I explain what I can do for them and even better to see the delighted reactions when I have turned their wishes into reality.

Photo credit: Photographer Paul

What made you choose scented candles as a gift for your clients?

I used to gift my clients with personalised marshmallows, then I saw this is done quiet a lot in the industry and at Perfectly Planned 4 you, we like to do things a little different. Plus I wanted to give my clients something a bit more lasting and memorable.

I met the lovely Laura at a wedding networking event, we talked about the wonderful candles she creates and the idea popped into my head. With the powerful scents and elegant packaging, By Laura candles make the perfect thank you gift for my clients.

What made you choose fig & vanilla as your scent?

I love sweet scents, I described to Laura the type of aromas I like and she sent me home with a bag of samples. Fig & vanilla felt warm, rich and soothing, the ideal gift for my clients when they arrive back from their honeymoon.

Anything else you might like to say...

In the early stages of planning, I ask my couples to imagine the atmosphere they would like on their wedding day. With that in mind, my top tip for couples planning their wedding is; think about how you would like your guests to feel when they walk into your wedding venue, it isn't only about colours and decorations. Burning candles can make your wedding feel inviting, romantic and leave your guests with a lasting memory.

It was really fun working with Cherelle on making these candles. As you can see, she supplied me her logo which I just added a simple 'thank you' message to and looks really nice and smart on the candles and their gift boxes.

Looking for a great wedding planner who's innovate, has exceptional attention to detail and is professional through and through? Get in touch with Perfectly Planned 4 you.

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