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Emma & Coomy’s Miami inspired wedding day

In late 2016, Emma approached me about making some candles for her wedding day and I was thrilled o hear about her plans and vision for their wedding day. Emma and her fiancé Coomy had got engaged in Miami and after loving the place they decided to use the styles and influences of Miami for their day including everything from the colours they used to their stationery and their gorgeous cake. And when Emma mentioned how she felt about scent and giving candles as her wedding favours it all seemed to make sense and was a really interesting brief for me.

Now, by absolute coincidence I was actually off to Miami on holiday a month after we first spoke (I wish I could say I include this level of immersion into a brief for a scent for every client, but it was just very, very good luck!) So I spent the whole holiday paying extra attention to the scents and smells around me & saw where Emma was coming from when she spoke about wanting sweet and fruity holiday scents which she associates with the fun times had there.

I made a range of sample scented candles for Emma & Coomy to try out, and we got to 3 favourites which were Coconut & Mango, Pineapple Coconut & a blend of Tropical fruits. All 3 had the sweet vanilla-inspired base that Emma liked and rather than choose one, Emma really liked the idea of giving her guests different ones so that they could all have a smell of them and choose their favourite to take home. And she picked their favourite, Pineapple & Coconut to have burning on the day.

For the Pineapple & Coconut candles burning on the day Emma had some small pie dishes (if you’ve ever had a Bingham Pie then you’ll know the ones I’m talking about!) which she asked me if she could use as the containers. They worked perfectly and it was a great use of the dishes that were otherwise filling up her kitchen cupboards and looked really nice with the candles set in them on the tables. We had a couple on each table and a few extras around the room to ensure that the scent threw nicely in the room.

Each of their guests then had one of the three scents as their place settings. I designed them a bespoke ‘Emma & Coomy’ label which sat on the lids and tied in with their theme & stationery. And to make them double up as place names for the tables, I also did handwritten labels for each guest which tied around the lids. On the day, my lovely friend Sam who was at the wedding sent me these photos saying how much everyone liked them and they were quite a talking point when everyone sat down.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Emma to get the scent and candles just right for her day and in her own words, she seemed to enjoy it too…

“I just wanted to say a huuuge thank you to you for making the candle scent and favours for our wedding. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and the effort you put into getting my brief perfected...

It was so lovely for the guests to walk into the wedding breakfast room with it being filled full of our 'Miami scents' and it took us right back to the holiday where we met.

Lastly the labels looked absolutely stunning on the tables so thanks for working with me on that and designing them.”

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