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The scents of spring

It's warming up and flowers are starting to bloom so it's starting to feel like Spring to me, and that got me thinking about what scents remind me of this lovely time of year.

Smell is different from our other senses in that it is connected to the olfactory cortex. This is the brain function which is responsible for evoking memories & emotions, hence if you smell something it can take you right back to a particular time & place.

Naturally, light and fresh florals are my first go-to when thinking of this time of year. They're clean, quite subtle scents but add that lovely fresh and sweet note to the air which I love, and is even better if you also bring it into your home. Think of Lilies, Hyacinths and perhaps a little Narcissus. This is part of the reason I love to have flowers in my home, as well as scented candles.

What scents say Spring to you?

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