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Katie & Alex's Pine scented wedding day

A few months before their wedding Katie asked me to make some scented candles for their day. They weren’t set on a particular scent but told me their plans for the day & the decoration & colours on the day, and I went away and made her some samples to try out. I also checked if there were any particular scents that she or Alex liked or particularly didn’t like!

After testing out the three samples they told me that the Pine & Lavender was their favourite. I was glad as I felt that it fitted in perfectly with their woodland style theme for the marquee and was a really nice fresh scent which would be perfect for a nice spring time wedding.

Then it was onto containers. Katie ordered white non-scented pillar candles & a range of containers to put them in, to sit on the wooden decorations with the plan to be that mine would then be dotted around in and around them as part of the wood arrangements. So when we were discussing what container to put them in we decided that up cycled tin cans spray painted with a matt silver would sit really nicely in the arrangement.

To be honest the photos, taken by the fantastic Divine Day Photography can do the rest of the talking…

Now, luckily for me, I was also lucky enough to be a guest at their wedding and was really happy to smell their bespoke scent of candles as soon as I walked into Katie’s family home, where the wedding was taking place. Lots of guests were commenting on the scent & were really complimentary about how it filled the marquee beautifully and tied in so nicely with the gorgeous wood decorations that they had created for the day. That was a great day.


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