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#SYGMxByLaura candle launch

If you follow me on social you’ll have seen me mention this hashtag once or twice in the last month or so! So, I felt it appropriate to explain a little more about this collaboration and how it came about.

Phoebe from So You’re Getting Married and I got chatting a few months back following a mutual appreciation of the new SYGM branding created by Gemma Milly (have a peak at her work, it’s great!) Conversations then moved towards scented candles and I knew straight away that I was chatting to a fellow candlelover! Phoebe knew what scents she liked, how to look after a candle and she was talking in candle terms before I was! So then she asked me if I was interested in collaborating on a scented candle with SYGM and I jumped at the opportunity.

We chatted about the type of scents we liked and slowly moved towards deciding that we wanted to develop two scents, which we distinguished as ‘Wedding Morning’ and ‘Wedding Evening’. As I always say, scented candles are a great way to set a mood or evoke memories so these two occasions felt like a perfect suit to work for anyone planning a wedding, interested in the whole world of weddings or who simply likes the idea of these blends.

Wedding Morning was about creating a scent that a bride or groom may have burning on the morning of their wedding. Naturally we were taken to floral scents and clean but essentially uplifting qualities, which led us to the final blend of Rose, Jasmine, Eucalyptus & Spearmint.

SYGMxByLaura Wedding Morning

Then onto Wedding Evening. This one came about fairly easily for us as Phoebe and I shared a love of the warming tones of Amber, which seemed to fit with an evening mood. I love the almost spicy and Asian influence of a few bits we’ve added to it and the lightly burnt orange of the bergamot seemed to make sense when we tested it out.

SYGMxByLaura Wedding Evening

Then came the design and look & feel of the candles. Bringing together the lovely watercolour flower-crown designs of SYGM, my simple logo and a nice brush lettering style font, the logo was born. Then we needed to have some great photography of the products to successfully show them off and were lucky enough to work with Kitty from Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography. And of course, to help complement the candles in the photography we needed some flowers too! I had recently met Eram from Boom Blooms and when I mentioned it to her she was really keen to be involved so we worked together to create some flowers to sit with each candle mood.

Now that I’ve mentioned these two I should explain about the additional benefit that are included as part of a purchase of any SYGMxByLaura candle…we are in the process of compiled a carefully selected list of highly recommended wedding suppliers who are offering some fab discounts to SYGMxByLaura customers. Included in this list is the fabulous Rola from The New Wonderful - creative wedding and party planning. Then we have the make up extraordinaire Georgia from Make up by Georgia. And then Kitty from Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography who I mentioned earlier worked with us on the photography will also feature in this list. And many more to be announced.

So…if you are intrigued by all this and fancy trying out these wonderful blends please do have a look in my online shop.

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