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My rosemary scented wedding day

I'm feeling a bit romantic this Valentine's Day so I've decided that this week's post is going to tell you the short story of the candles I made for my wedding day.

As you may have read in my post 'A little about me' I got married in December last year. We were planning a Christmas wedding and therefore candles seemed essential!

Being a lover of herbs, I'd decided to have some rosemary in my bouquet and flower arrangements so this was a natural choice of scent for my candles. It's warming and has lovely festive tones and therefore was perfect for our December wedding. I made candle favours for the ladies and then 3 candles to go with the center pieces on each table, which I set in upcycled jars and tin cans for a bit of a rustic feel.

The beautiful Ramster Hall in Surrey was the venue for our big day. The Long Hall where we had our wedding breakfast is an old converted barn which we managed to fill with the scent of Rosemary. Smelling it even now reminds me of our wedding day, and therefore will always be my favourite of my range.

Our guests loved their candles and are still now (over a year on!) telling me about how much they like the scent, how they've made theirs last, or in one case (my lovely friend Clare) how she can't even bear to light it because she likes it as a memento from our wedding day!

If you're getting married or have a friend who is, please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss doing something similar for your big day!

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