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The article that got me riled up.

the telegraph article

I read a very interesting article in The Telegraph online this week entitled ‘Scented candles: Status symbols that burn money or worth every penny?’ It got me thinking and both nodding and smirking. Now don’t think that I’m going to tell you that candles are not worth every penny you spend on them, because coming from someone who’s started their own scented candle brand, that would be mad!

Instead it made me think about a few things and agree with most of what Kerry Potter (the writer of the article) says, to a degree! The article discusses the wide variety of scented candle brands in the market and I think really nicely describes the plethora of ways that people nowadays enjoy candles in their everyday lives. Whether I agree that they’re a "status symbol" I’m not sure, but there’s no denying their popularity. We live in a world where every one of our senses is important and considered, so why would we ignore scent when we create an event, decorate a room or show off our home. Individuals wear perfume, a room wears a scented candle!

But the question that drove the article in the first place was around the debate of whether we are ‘simply burning money by investing in smelly wax’. Now technically, and if you’re being VERY literal, the answer to this is yes. If you’re looking at it from a straight forward & unemotional mindset then yes, ultimately candles are not for life. They are like a really nice bottle of wine, a particularly delicious box of chocolates or that silky shampoo that’s perfect for your hair. And as is the case with all of these things, buy a good one and it could last you months. So that’s not burning money, that’s simply a treat.

But the question is…what is "a good one"?

The main thing which I guess riled me up with this article, was it’s insistence that “you get what you pay for”, suggesting that you really need to buy the £30-£40 candles to get a good quality product. This was what, as some of you may have read in my first blog post, made me start By Laura candles. I was obsessed with these big brands that are mentioned and featured in the article, but was determined to be able to produce a candle of the same quality (be it scent throw, burn time & ingredients), but for a smaller price tag. And that’s what I’ve achieved.

By Laura candles are premium in quality but affordable in price.

Need convincing? Drop me an email and I’ll pop a sample candle in the post to you to prove it.

Sorry, this innocent blog post appears to have turned into a sales piece ;)

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